soundboard : a conscious community that attentively holds space for another person's thoughts and feelings, fosters active listening, & provides fresh perspective and encouragement. this includes (but is not limited to): open dialogue and communication, empathy, & the exchange of ideas and perspective, which ultimately nurtures meaningful and constructive interactions.

between earning a degree in Psychology and practicing energy work as a certified practitioner, the biggest thing i've learned this far is this:

some of the most profound work we can do is connect to our inner wisdom, befriend our pain and trauma, and ultimately, unite in the strength of community to shift our language, perspective, and the body's innate capacity to heal.

story time:

my therapist, karen asked me once: "did you have a kaleidoscope as a kid? remember how you could make one small shift and it would change the whole picture? just like adjusting the lens of a kaleidoscope brings new patterns and colors into view, a minor change in your language can bring fresh insights and possibilities into your life."

that picture is your whole perspective — each "shift" brings you closer to the life you envision.

that picture allows you to embrace a wealth of new beginnings, including a fresh mindset, positive self-talk, and reframing challenges as opportunities.

a simple choice of words and actions can create a profound impact on how you perceive the world around you, including how you navigate the trauma that lives within you AND the connection you have with yourself. language ESPECIALLY, as it is a potent tool that shapes our reality (because it influences our thoughts, emotions, AND actions).


i really want you to take in that statement for a moment. think about it: by shifting your language, you can truly shift your entire life and perspective!

when we experience trauma or stress, our bodies remember. the impact of past experiences lingers, affecting our physical health, mental, and emotional state.

recognizing that our bodies store these experiences is the first step towards coming back to your true self.

so, how do we do that?

cue, the soundboard:

a FREE, private facebook group that nurtures:

  • social connection,

  • emotional support,

  • accountability,

  • motivation, &

  • inspiration!

✨️ LIVE weekly calls AND online/in-person events curated for those who believe in the power of connection, radical authenticity, and unapologetic self-discovery!


(telegram community)

  • rage rooms: a space to recognize and label your emotions in a safe and structured space so you may express and manage anger, frustration, and intense emotions in a healthy and productive way (and support ONLY if you want it),

  • release rooms: a space to vent (again - with support if you want it!), 

  • rave rooms: a space where you can be celebrated,

  • in-depth conversations that continue AND extend beyond from our mindful monday calls in the facebook group, and...

  • exclusive discounts to everything I offer!

HERE is where we combine community, events, & practices that integrates the mind, body, & soul so we may restore balance in our lives.

HERE is where journey of self-discovery & empowerment truly lies - where healing from within becomes the path to resilience & your where you voice be heard.

'the soundboard' was created to serve as a reminder that you're never alone on your journey.

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