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what's up, boo! i'm jess leone, your no B.S. bestie!

once you get to know my 'rough around the edges' style, you will learn pretty quickly how i got my name: "your no B.S. bestie"! i will listen like a best friend, keep you accountable, and inspire you to show up for yourself in ways you didn't think possible (with lots of laughter, radical authenticity, and some f-bombs along the way!).

my journey as an entrepreneur is fueled by a deep-rooted commitment to community and collaboration. <3 i understand that true success is not achieved in isolation, but through meaningful connections and supportive relationships. believing in "challenging the norm," i will ALWAYS encourage you to question and redefine societal expectations for your individual journey to self-discovery and well-being.

in learning this myself, i've been able to share this with others through mutual support circles, self-defense seminars, personalized 1-1 coaching, engaging workshops, and inspiring speaking engagements.

i've honed my ability to actively listen, empathize, and provide individualized support - which is why i'm passionate about fostering a sense of belonging, building strong networks, and creating spaces for women to feel empowered so they can thrive and grow together.

i look forward to getting to know you better. <3 thank you for being here with me in this space.



the soundboard

(community & sisterhood)

soundboard (n): a conscious community that attentively holds space for another person's thoughts and feelings, fosters active listening, & provides fresh perspective & encouragement. this includes - but is not limited to - open dialogue & communication, empathy, & the exchange of ideas and perspective, which ultimately nurtures meaningful and constructive interactions.

HERE is where we combine community, events, & practices that integrates the mind, body, & soul so we may restore balance in our lives.

HERE is where journey of self-discovery & empowerment truly lies - where healing from within becomes the path to resilience & a space where your voice can be heard.

'The Soundboard' was created to serve as a reminder that you're never alone on your journey!

a powerful conversation about what the f**k we're doing here on earth!

what if we saw every day as an invitation to learn more? how can we choose a new direction to approach each day with: "what do i get to experience today?!"

it's important to view this life experience as a great adventure that comes with its challenges - its how we LEARN & grow!

it's time to redefine your narrative & embrace your inner power.


β€œ... Jess helped me with energy work and guiding me to release a lifetime of trauma, to know who I really was and the power i had within. she has been my head cheerleader and mentor.”

- jennifer

β€œJess, you helped me become confident in my skin and understand my worth. You also helped me be "okay" with my infertility struggles and let the universe take charge. Magically, I was able to get pregnant... You have built a wonderful, positive community for people to be vulnerable and grow.


β€œJess, you are energetic, inspiring, and have created a beautiful, safe space for all of us. You're an amazing friend who would go to the ends of the earth to help the people you care for. You have a gift for connecting people. I appreciate you so much.”

- sarah

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